We’re proud of our partnerships with Acadiana High, Broadmoor Elementary, and Acadian Middle. Our student tellers are gaining valuable real-world work experience, and the students at these schools are becoming more financially literate while learning to save money. 

Acadiana High School Branch

The AHS Branch of Meritus Credit Union (LSCU) was established in June 2003, through a partnership with the Acadiana High School Academy of Business and Finance. Academy students are selected to operate the branch under the supervision of a Meritus Credit Union representative. Students receive hands-on training in the financial services industry. All students at AHS have an opportunity to establish positive savings habits by taking advantage of their in-school branch.

Our goal at Acadiana High School is to provide students with the basic financial knowledge needed to handle money and credit responsibly. We work hand-in-hand with school administrators, teachers and parents to accomplish this goal. Credit union employees conduct class presentations on money management at AHS and other local high schools throughout the school year. 

Broadmoor Elementary School

Our Broadmoor Elementary Banking program continues to help many young students learn the value of saving. Each school year since 1999, a group of Broadmoor 4th graders are chosen to serve as tellers.

These students conduct a banking session once a month in the school cafeteria for their peers. They are responsible for collecting students' deposits for the credit union and balancing at the end of the session. Of course, all transactions are handled with excellent credit union service!

Acadian Middle 

Our Acadian Middle School Banking Program is our newest program beginning in the fall of 2016. A monthly banking day is held in the school’s cafeteria where students can conveniently make deposits into their savings accounts.