Take a Break from Your Loan Payment!

Skip a payment on your loan (excluding all real estate loans, momentum loans, lease-like loans and Visa Credit Cards). You may choose to skip your November or December payment and use that money toward paying for unexpected expenses or end-of-summer getaways, or simply beefing up your savings account.

Skip-a-Payment Details:

The processing fee per loan is $29.00. The fee will be deducted per loan from your Meritus CU savings or checking account. You may also send a check. Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month that you skip your payment. Note: all Skip-a-payment requests are subject to approval.

If you have more than one loan, you can skip a payment for each loan. If your payment is currently made through payroll deduction, the amount of your payment will be deposited to your share savings account. If your payment is automated through online banking, you will need to cancel the payment for the month you decide to skip.

How to Apply:

For more information and to apply, fill out the Skip-a-Payment Request Form here. The form can be turned in via mail, branch visit or fax.