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Are you Prepared for a Hurricane?

Are you Prepared for a Hurricane?

If you are from southern Louisiana, you are probably well familiar with hurricane season. It can still be helpful to get a refresher on how to best prepare. Since Hurricane season runs from June – November, it is a good idea to get prepared before one starts to head your way. Below are some helpful tips to keep in mind before and during severe weather.

Get Your Car and House Ready

Keep your car tanked up with gas. This will help if you need to evacuate last minute, and you can use it as a last resort to charge your smart phones. If you live in a flood-prone area and plan on evacuating, make sure to plan your route in advance. Whether you are staying put or leaving, bring items inside or in your garage and secure large items outside of your house that could become projectiles during the storm.

Prepare for an Electricity Shortage

Dedicate only one mobile phone in your home to be used and turn other ones off. This will help if you lose electricity and can no longer charge your phone. Consult with important family members on how you will communicate, especially in the event cell phones lose their power.

Make a plan for if you end up losing electricity. What will you do? Maybe light candles and use flashlights, maybe there's a neighbor with a generator or you could stay with family who has one - just make a plan for it!

Important Items to Have in Stock

  • Bottled Water
  • Batteries
  • Flashlights
  • Canned goods
  • Bread and other non-refrigerated items

Make sure the items on your list are checked, hunker down and stay safe! If we are closed due to severe weather, here are some helpful ways to get access to your accounts: 24/7 Account Access Bonjour Telephone Banking: 1-800-291-3867, Online and Mobile Banking and Nationwide MoneyPass ATM Locator.



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