Make a Payment on your Meritus CU Loan

Meritus CU offers several convenient ways to make your loan payments:

  • Meritus CU Online Banking
    • Transfer money from your Meritus CU checking or savings account to your loan (can be done via online/mobile banking + recurring payments can be set up too).
    • Set up automatic ACH payments from another financial institution in person at a branch
    • Link an (non-Meritus CU) external account via online banking, and make payments by selecting transfers
  • Other Free Ways to Make Your Payment
    • Bring cash/check/money order to a Meritus CU branch
    • Mail a check or money order to a Meritus CU branch
  • Pay From a Non-Meritus CU Account
    • Securely make payments on your Meritus CU personal and auto loans using your debit card from another financial institution. You may set up recurring ACH payments for a $5 one-time setup charge, or use the service for a single transaction ($5 charge per transaction)

Make a Payment Online

  • Telephone Payments
    • Call us at 337.989.280 or 866.989.2800 during normal business hours to make your loan payment. There is a $10 charge to use this service. You may make up to (3) payments in a single transaction per $10 charge