Take a Break from Your Loan Payment!

Skip a payment on your loan this June or July (excluding real estate loans, Momentum loans, lease-like loans and Visa® credit cards). Use that money toward upcoming travel, unexpected expenses, boosting your savings...or anything!

  • Each loan skipped requires a $29 processing fee (can be paid via deduction from your Meritus CU savings or checking account, or you may send a check).
  • Interest will continue to accumulate on your loan during the month that you skip your payment.
  • If your loan payment is currently made through payroll deduction, the amount of your payment will be deposited into your Meritus CU Share Savings account.
  • You will need to cancel your payment for the month you decide to skip if your loan payment is automated through online/mobile banking or via ACH payment from a non-Meritus CU account.
  • All Skip-a-Payment requests are subject to approval.

For additional details, review the Skip-a-Payment Request Form.

Request to Skip-a-Payment

Simply complete the Skip-a-Payment Request Form and bring it to your nearest branch or mail it to Meritus Credit Union at 515 Guilbeau Road, Lafayette, LA 70506.